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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:


What is the best airport to use?

Fly into LA Paz (LAP) or San Jose Del Cabo (SJD) airports.   La Paz is smaller and a wee bit closer, but Cabo has more flights and is generally a little less expensive.  We are about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the La Paz airport and about 1 hour and 45 minutes from the Cabo airport.  At the airport time-share salespeople will approach you.  They’re just trying to make a living.  Smile and tell them you already have a home here and don’t need another. 


What’s the best way to get there from the airport?

We highly recommend a rental car. Todos Santos is 6 miles north and full of galleries and delicious restaurants - definitely worth a visit. There are gorgeous beaches all around.  Try E-Z Car Rental for something easy or all the regulars - Budget, National etc.  There might be time-share salespeople at the rental car office too.  We promise that there are no time-share salespeople at the Ranch.  The new highway between Cabo and the Ranch is now  4 lanes.  The highway is finished and fantastic.  It now takes less than 30 minutes to drive from the Ranch to Cabo.


But what if we can't /won't/ don't drive?

We can arrange a very nice shuttle from the SJD airport for $200 USD each way, for up to six people. We can arrange cabs for you while you are here. We do have to call the cabs in from Todos Santos, so we need a little advance notice, but it is certainly possible to get here and be here sans car.   If you are really into adventure travel, it is possible to take the bus from Cabo.


Is it safe to drive?

Are you a good driver?  (Joke) The drive is pretty straightforward and our directions are excellent. Our mom even said so. The drive is stunning. 8000 foot granite peaks of the Sierra La Laguna to the East, the Pacific Ocean sparkling on your left, whales spouting, gigantic cardon cactus flinging their arms's a nature orgy. Keep your eyes on the road and watch out for livestock and you'll be fine.  We don't recommend the drive at night. Cows do not wear reflectors.  Keep in mind that a left blinker means it's ok to pass me on the left - all clear ahead.  Blinking hazard lights usually mean that there is - get this - a hazard up ahead, usually in the form of goats, burros or cows.  To make a left turn on a two-lane road when there is oncoming traffic, you pull to the right and wait until the road is clear, and then make the left across.  This only happens once on the drive from the airport to us, so no big deal. Just remember what your driver’s education teacher told you – watch out for the other guy (or cow.)   Mooing at them out the window does not make them move.  Why do we do that?


Is the road still so bad?

The highway is finished and fantastic.  It now takes less than 30 minutes to drive from the Ranch to Cabo.

Will the police shake me down?

We don't recommend exceeding the speed limit outside of La Paz- watch the signs. This is one place you may get popped for DWG - Driving while Gringo. Otherwise, you’ll be OK.  In 13 years here, the only time I’ve had to pay a fine is when I did something wrong – no complaints here.


What about the whales?

They are awesome, and we see them almost daily from early December into March. They breach and leap and swim on by. They are huge and gorgeous and you can hardly believe they are really there. We can't guarantee you will see them, but we do suggest that spending time gazing at the horizon is a perfect way of passing time here, and you most likely will end up with whale sightings as a bonus.  We can arrange a panga for whale watching on a calm day.  Our rooms have binoculars for a closer look.


Do you have a gym?

We have an old fashioned gym – it’s called the outdoors.  We have a three mile white sand beach out front. Almost private. And yoga every morning at AM and Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 4PM. 12 ounce curls with your Pacifico or Corona. Intense abdominal workouts holding yourself up from the chaise lounge to eat your organic salad lunch. Stair climb to your private roof deck. Swim in the pool or ocean. It's a giant gym, really.


Is it safe?

I guess it's relative. I don't have a key to my house here. In fact, I don't have walls in part of my house. That said - all the regular smart traveler precautions apply. We are as far from the trouble in Tijuana as Miami is from NYC. Really. Would you check the weather in Miami to plan for your NYC trip? It's that far away…


How far are you from the beach?

The only thing between your room and the Pacific Ocean are our beautifully preserved dunes.  We chose to build behind the dunes instead of the normal development method of razing everything in the path of progress, so it's about a two minute walk, in the sand, through the have to walk past a little art...The waves will lull you to sleep at night.


What will we do there?

Eat, drink, lay by the pool, stargaze, surf, boogie board, do yoga, play twister, Scrabble till your brain hurts, read, get spa treatments, gallery hop, take a Tai Chi class and really learn how to channel your energy, make out, sunbathe, swim, beach walk, cliff hike, kayak, shop, explore the wonderful world of Mexican candy, sing in the shower, sit in the hot tub, drink margaritas, attempt some Spanish...extend your reservation...


Are you really that great?



Where’s the party, Dude?

If you’re looking for a crazy partying vacation that you won’t remember, we’re not the place for you.  Our restaurant closes at 9:00 pm (Baja Midnight) and our bar closes at 9:30 pm.  Great time? Absolutely.  Wild drunken craziness?  Not so much.  Cabo is waiting and willing to help you with that.


Where is the surf?

Out front, walk to the right for 10 minutes or less and you are at the world class San Pedrito point break. Are you a first timer, or getting back in the groove? Cerritos is one bay south - about a 10 minute drive and is a sandy bottom beach break. We can arrange lessons with everything you need to get started, down to the wetsuits for February, March and April.  Also there’s a little break directly in front of the hotel that’s starting to work again after taking the last 10 years off.


How is the surf?  What is the water temperature?

Check this out!


What about fishing?

We have surf fishing right out front – no license needed. We have all the gear for you to use and George, our Director of Aloha, can totally be your spirit guide on all matters fish and water. When you catch it, we’ll cook it for you.


What should I wear?

Well, George, Mr. Aloha, hasn't worn a shirt during the day in years, and we all consider a long sleeve tee shirt as dress up. A collared long sleeve shirt is downright formal wear. Closed toe shoes = fancy. Heels = insanity. It seems we ladies like to step it up a bit more, and we sometimes peacock around in swell beach dresses and the like. That said, I certainly spend entire days in my yoga gear. So really, what I'm sayin' is- be comfortable. It's your vacation and we support that – we don’t even care if your flip-flops match.  It does get cool at night, so layers are appropriate.   And don’t forget the sunscreen.


What about the food?

It's local, fresh and often organic. We grow our own in our organic  garden here on site and harvest the goodies daily. 

 The fish, shrimp and lobster come from just out front, almost daily. Local rabbit is a specialty. The fruits and vegetables are incredible. Mexican chocolate is the bomb, yo. Our prices range from about 6 bucks for breakfast up to $22 or so for a dinner entree.  Life is good for eaters here at Rancho Pescadero.

Please do not purchase groceries to store in your room. We have plenty of food and drink here at the Ranch.


What about the water?

The water in our suites is double filtered – with a particle filter and UV treatment to kill bacteria and is safe.  We also provide purified water in the suites and around the hotel for drinking.  The water in our restaurant and bar is triple filtered  - particle, UV and reverse osmosis - and is super dooper safe.


Is breakfast included?

We deliver fresh fruit and coffee or tea to your suite every morning and that’s included in your room rate. We have cooked breakfast available from around 7 AM every day if you need more! Try Dora’s chiliquiles and see how quickly your idea of corn tortillas can be transformed. Want breakfast in bed? Let us know the night before and we'll send it up sometime after 8AM, you hedonist!


Do you have roll-away beds?

Nope, the King suites sleep up to 2 and the Double Queens sleep up to 4. The rate is for the first two people; please add $25 a night per person for additional guests.


Do I need an adapter for my plugs?

Not if you are coming from the States or Canada. Same-o Same-o.


Do you have wireless?

Yep. Free! It may or may not reach your room, but the signal is usually very strong in the restaurant and bar. Shame- you'll have to have a margarita and some nachos while answering those emails.


My child is the best behaved two year old you'll ever meet. Can he/she come?

Yes!  As soon as he/she turns eighteen!


My pooch is the best behaved pooch you’ll every meet?  Can he/she come?

We love dogs so much that we already have 8 on the property.  We can’t handle any more – so sorry.  You can have a loaner if you want.


What is the difference between the Standard Room, the Pacific Suites, the Rancho Suites and the Milagro Suites?


We'll, lets start at the beginning. Every room has outdoor living space. We heart the outdoors here at the Ranch. The Standard Rooms do not have an ocean view- everything else does. And the Standard rooms are small, by our standards. Not Tokyo small, but small. All you need, and all the luxe touches, but small. Did I mention they are a little small? Are you here for the room or the beach? If your answer is beach (or anything but the room and in Baja Sur there are a lot of reasons beside the room!)  this could be the spot for you!

 The Pacific Suites are the smallest ocean front rooms- all the Rancho Pescadero touches, just scaled down a bit.

The Rancho Suites are our signature suites, and what you have come to expect of us- indoor and outdoor living spaces, ocean views, original art, cool touches, and great design (if we may say so ourselves!)

The Milagro Suites are all that and a bag of chips. Here you will find a mix of unexpected amenities like chandeliers over your jetted tub or a private roof deck, the greatest ocean view you've (n)ever dreamed of, or maybe a full gourmet kitchen. We let Lisa go wild with the Milagro Suites. The hotel professionals told us we couldn't and shouldn't, and then when we did they said we should charge a lot more. Listen, we don't live in off -the-map Mexico because we like being told what to do. Our stubborn nature is your win here, guest!


Which suite is the most private?

Number one is. It's a Rancho Suite. It's at the end of the hotel and the edge of our world.  Number 22 is the most private Milagro Suite and on the third floorof the Hacienda.


Can I use dollars in town? Will the ATM give me dollars? Can I use a credit card at the shops in town?

We recommend using your ATM card to get pesos. You will get the best rate and have cash for purchases. Check the exchange rate before you hit the ATM, as you will need to make your withdrawal in pesos. Just like the ATM at your home does not give an option in pesos, the ATM here will not give you an option in dollars.  It is currently about 12 to 1, so 2400 pesos is around 200 bucks.  Traveler’s checks are not easy to cash here.  Some shops and restaurants take credit cards – but not many. It has gotten very difficult to change dollars to pesos. The ATM is your best friend.


Please tell your bank that you will be traveling in Mexico.  This will save you the trouble of calling them when you are here.  They generally refuse any charges or ATM transactions here if they don’t have your blessing.


We take Mastercard and Visa and cash (US dollars and Mexican pesos) and paypal.   


That should do it.  If there’s anything else, drop us an email.


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