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Destination Baja, Mexico

Baja, Mexico Activities

So, you’ve solemnly informed the office that there’s no power on the deserted island you’re going to, and you won’t be taking that conference call. Check. You’ve thrown your list of things to do out of the taxi on your way over. Check. Now, that you’ve cleared your schedule, what to do with all that glorious time in the sun? Whether you come to ride the surf, pet the turtles or hit the soaring Sierra Laguna Mountains for hiking and biking, we’ll get you there. We can arrange your day trips, book your surf lessons and give you the lowdown on all the Baja things we love to do most. Hmmmm… lounging on a bed poolside with a cocktail sounds good, too. Do it any way you want, dude.

Things To Do at the Ranch
We can point you in the right direction and put you on the back of a boat, bike or burro to get you in on all these great adventures…

A quiver of surfboards is available at the hotel, and we can set you up with a local Baja, Mexico surf instructor. Grab your board, and take the 5-minute walk north to the famed San Pedrito point break right on our Baja, Mexico beach. You can surf without a wetsuit or sleeves from July to March, and don’t worry if you’re a little rusty or just starting out. A more gentle shore break is just a few minute’s drive south on Cerritos beach for dudes in search of calmer surf.

Todos Santos, Mexico fishing is legendary. Head out in the big boats from Todos Santos for big game fish, like Marlin and Dorado. For more low-key Baja, Mexico fishing trips, we suggest riding out to sea on a panga boat with one of the local fisherman, who can show you secret dorado holes. Yellowtail, Tuna and Wahoo can all be had by grabbing a pole (available at the front desk for no charge) and doing some surf fishing on the waters right out front of our sparkling beachfront. We love seeing guests come home with a fresh catch. Round ’em up, and we’ll cook them for you.

Baja Mountain Biking, Hiking & ATV
Hike, bike or zip up into the mountains on an ATV. Right behind the Ranch are the soaring Sierra Laguna Mountains with peaks as high as 7,900 feet. There are beautiful Baja, Mexico hikes galore, or we can arrange mountain biking or ATVing. We recommend taking a guide if you’re going way up into the mountains. Overnight trips with pack burros are available. For Baja activities closer to home, there are several great hikes along the cliffs at the edge of the ocean – down to an abandoned port or a secluded palm beach. We’ll pack you a picnic lunch for the trip.

Turtle Beach
Ever wondered what it’s like to release tiny turtle hatchlings out into the wild? Find out. Right here on our beach is a turtle hatchery. In order to save these hard-shelled little darlings, kindly volunteers go out in the middle of the night and dig up newly deposited Olive Ridley and Leatherback eggs out of their nests, then redeposit them in the hatchery. When they’re ready to hatch from October to February, you can help in the almost daily release of the baby turtles right from our stretch of Baja beach.

Whale Watching in Baja, Mexico
See the world’s biggest bulls in Baja, Mexico. From October to early April, witness the migration, birthing and all-around magnificence of Grey and Humpback whales right from our beachfront. Whale watching is a rare adventure, and our beach offers a truly exceptional spot for seeing whales. Sometimes, they’re so close, you’ll feel like you can reach out and touch them.

The Sea of Cortez
Mexico’s storied Sea of Cortez is one of the world’s most pristine bodies of water, and just a short drive from the Ranch. Out to sea, you can kayak, fish, dive or snorkel. You might even see herds of dolphins cavorting.


Picture a week with us at the Ranch, you're gonna want at least that much time.

Day 1
*Morning yoga/surfing

*Backpack lunch – hike to old port or deserted palm beach

*Afternoon spent learning the finer points of couples’ massage with our trained therapist

*Dinner at the Ranch


Day 2
*Morning yoga/surfing

*Visit Todos Santos galleries and do some shopping

*Lunch at Todos Santos restaurant
Afternoon by the pool
*Evening Turtle Release/Lecture
*Dinner at the Ranch


Day 3
*Travel to Sea of Cortez for kayaking and snorkeling
*Afternoon siesta
*Dinner and a movie under the stars at the Ranch


Day 4
*Morning yoga/surfing
*Fishing and whale watching with a local fisherman on a panga boat
*Dinner at the Ranch, catch of the day

*Salsa lessons on the sunset deck


Day 5
*Morning yoga
*2-hour surf lesson or Boogie boarding at Cerritos Beach

*Afternoon massage at the beachfront spa pavilion

*Dinner on the beach

Day 6
*Morning yoga/surfing
*Mountain biking or ATV trip to a waterfall in the Sierras foothills

*afternoon Tai Chi class
*Visit organic farm and have dinner with a local farmer

Many of our activities are provided by Todos Santos Eco Adventures

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